SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 - Press Release
TUSTIN, CA, September 15th, 2015 - DiveNav is pleased to announce that it plans to demonstrate its integrated dive logging system for Diving Safety Officers at the upcoming AAUS symposium that will be held in Key West next month.

This new integrated dive logging system is composed of the bluebuddy wireless data logger, the My bluebuddy and DSOpal apps, the DSO cloud and the DSOweb online log system.

The diver brings the bluebuddy data logger with her while diving, then, after exiting the water, she is able to download the dive data to her smartphone or tablet using the My bluebuddy app. She can add any extra information (such as dive site, dive buddy, etc.) and then upload the completed log to the DSO cloud.

Once a dive log is in the DSO cloud, the DSO can retrieve it from anywhere in the world using either the DSOpal app, the organization specific online log system, or via the new DSOweb online log system.

"One challenge facing all Diving Officers is persuading divers to log their dives in a timely manner", says Steve Clabuesch, Diving Safety Officer, UCSC. "Thanks to DiveNav&squot;s technology, we now have a dive logging system and upload system that is both flexible and scalable".

"We have been using the bluebuddy data loggers for more than two years", says Eric Castillo, Diving Safety Officer, USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies." and now that we have integrated them into the new USC online dive log system based on DiveNav&squot;s DSOweb technology we can track the diving activities of our visiting divers and our staff in a timely and efficient manner".

"This new integrated dive logging system is the result of several years of hard work and it has been field tested by several organizations totaling more than 6,000 dives stored in our DSO cloud", says Alberto Mantovani, CEO, DiveNav, Inc. "We are honored to be able to present it to the DSO community at the upcoming AAUS symposium".

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