Dive Computer Training
  • Hundreds of virtual dive computers available
  • eDiving and divePAL integration
  • Available on PC, iOS, and Android
The Dive Computer Training research tool allows you to search for the perfect dive computer for you. By entering your diving level and computer criteria, the research tool will narrow your search and provide the computers that match your needs. You can see each dive computer side-by-side with a detailed comparison including user reviews to assist in your decision process.
Dive Computer Training offers online classes to thoroughly learn how to use your dive computer. The detailed classes will walk you through setting your computer, take you on a dive, review your dive, and cover unexpected situations you may encounter. Once you complete the class you will feel confident while using your most important piece of dive gear, your dive computer.
Since our classes are available for 12 months, you can use them as a reference to refresh your memory as you need it. The classes can be viewed on both our website and your smartphone using our DCT Apps making them accessible while on the go. If you forget how to program your computer while on a dive trip you can easily reference the class from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.