• Explore real and virtual dive sites
  • Learn to use real dive gear
  • Available on PC for free
The eDiving scuba diving simulator allows you to explore both real and virtual dive sites from around the world while staying dry at your pc. Our real dive sites are created using actual bathymetry and deck plans from various shipwrecks. With a growing number of virtual dive sites, there is much to explore.
Using the simulator, you can learn to use real dive gear in a safe environment. Try a new dive computer or even a closed circuit rebreather if you are up to it. There's no risk when diving virtually!
Invite your friends for a buddy dive or challenge them in one of our missions. The eDiving simulator features buddy diving capability and multiple games and missions to keep you entertained. Just be prepared for aggressive marine life such as our great whites. It's best to always be on the lookout.