iDive Computer
  • Put a model-specific dive computer in your smartphone
  • Interactive, educational and fun.
  • Available on iOS and Android
iDive Computer is a fun to use App that allows you to interact with a model-specific dive computer by simply moving your hand. Equip the App with the dive computer of your choice, tilt the smartphone down and, thanks to its accelerometer based virtual depth sensor, the App will take you for a virtual dive. To ascend, just tilt the smartphone up, but make sure to not trigger the fast ascent alarm.
While taking your model-specific dive computer for a virtual dive, iDive Computer will show you the various indicators and will simulate how the dive computer responds to alarm situations such as entering deco, deco stop, deco violation, ascending too fast and safety stop. Using iDive Computer is a great way to familiarize yourself with a model-specific dive computer before getting wet.
Once you have equipped iDive Computer with a model-specific dive computer by purchasing it via In-App, it will stay in your smartphone forever. iDive Computer is the perfect App to refresh skills before the dive season resumes, or in between dive trip.