Place Nitroxbuddy in front of the tank you want to measure and see the results on your smartphone. Use the advanced two-point calibration for more accurate results. Get your MOD right away.
Save all your analysis for future reference. See the graphic signature of your analysis. Customize logs with images and descriptions.
Let your friends know that you are a Nitrox diver! As soon as the analysis is over, just tap the share icon and select the service you want to use: Twitter, Facebook, email, divePAL.
Operating System Targeted Devices App
iOS iPhone 4S or newer, 5th-gen iPod Touch or newer, 3rd generation iPad or newer. (Any iOS device made after the iPhone 4S.) My Nitroxbuddy
Android Any Android smartphone that supports Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology AND is equipped with Android OS 4.4 or higher. My Nitroxbuddy